JRJ Property Company

JRJ is a professional office building and facilities management company that is headquartered in Irvine, California. Tenants want to work in a clean, well-maintained building, JRJ handles maintenance and repairs so you don’t have to. This includes everything from painting and power washing the exterior to repairing drywall and gutters to performing extensive renovations between tenants. Our goal when performing office building maintenance is to make your tenants happy, increase the commercial value of the property. What we do:

  • Market and advertise your office building: Once intent to vacate is established we immediately start marketing the property on local websites and various other channels.
  • Screen commercial tenants: We handle incoming calls from interested tenants, draw up a rental application, and perform background checks to help find the best tenant from among all the applicants.
  • Draft and negotiate a lease: Prepares lease to make sure customers don’t miss any pertinent issues.
  • Collect rent: With perfect tenants, rent collection isn’t an issue. However, if you must hound your renters every month, this process can become exhausting.


















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